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Glam Gloss Champagne Toast

Price: $25.00

Glam Lip Gloss

Color - Champagne Toast

What's so special about using lanolin in a lip gloss?

  • Lanolin ABSORBS - lips maintain a healthy moisture balance
  • Lanolin MOISTURIZES - rather than coats, no need to reapply often
  • Lanolin HYDRATES - lips feel and look healthy all the time
  • Lanolin PROTECTS - say goodbye to cracked, sore lips
  • Lanolin RESTORES SOFTNESS - lips feel soft, natural and totally kissable
  • LANOLIN FIRST - Medical-grade lanolin is the first ingredient in Pure Illumination lip gloss, ensuring your lips are moisturized with only the finest natural ingredients.
  • LOCKS IN MOISTURE - Pure Illumination lip gloss uses ingredients such as medical-grade lanolin, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E to lock in moisture and keep lips looking and feeling their best.
  • WAX-FREE - Pure Illumination lip gloss does not use wax-based ingredients so you can say goodbye to the icky, wax build-up that other brands leave behind.
  • DIVINE ESSENCE- Pure Illumination lip gloss uses the relaxing aromas of Mint, Vanilla and Mandarin.

Where does lanolin come from?

Lanolin is a naturally occurring oil in sheep's wool.  No animals are harmed in collecting lanolin, the sheep are merely sheared, then the lanolin is collected through a refining process.  Lanolin has been known to hydrate and heal for ages, sheep shearers have always been known to have soft hands.


Apply Anywhere, Anytime

Just untwist, push the button and voila’ you just lit up your lips.Watch the reaction of women sitting near you. Two small LED lights and a side mirror let you apply your lip gloss, no matter what your location for that perfect application every time.

  • LED lights last up to 100 hours
  • Push button feature allows you to keep the light off in intimate settings
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