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Kevin Murphy Born Again

Price: $28.00

BORN.AGAIN.WASH is a fusion of technology and aromatherapy, a blend of micro particles, which are a complex of tiny amino acids, proteins and lipids, in combination with Natural Essential Oils. With a very small molecular size, pure Essential Oils are extremely complex micro structures that have the ability to pass through the cellular wall and cuticle layers deep into the cortex. These micro particles feed the hair with essential fatty acids and anti oxidants, and aid in moisture retention to the hair. The actual size of these Hybrid Micro particles is 1 billionth of a meter, which allows ingredients to be smaller and lighter...virtually weightless.

These Hybrid Micro particle ingredients are positively charged and then transported by their unique delivery system to target the damaged hair sites deep within the hair fiber. By using these super grade ingredients and refining them into micro particles, they dissolve at a faster rate and penetrate deeper and faster into the hair structure for instant results and gratification. Naturally sulphate and paraben free
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